Allan Myers Builds a Better Treasury System

Allan Myers


The three-man treasury team at Allan Myers describe how the US construction company automated its treasury system when the original in-house built system strained to keep up with a growing workload.

The company’s treasury operation was experiencing operational stress from its dependence on an inefficient cash positioning and reporting solution. GTreasury now provides efficient support, generates enhanced reporting, streamlines processing and improves control and security.

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  • Benefits realized during the project.
  • The ability to consolidate users’ functions by eliminating the need to work with multiple banks portals, reducing error exposure.
  • The functionality to drill down and see the detail of each ACH movement or wire transfer.

"Having evaluated several alternatives the team selected the GTreasury solution; chosen as this system was found to be very user-friendly, competitively priced and offering flexible data manipulation facilities. The team also judged that the system was not over-engineered, which meant in practice that the implementation process was straightforward."

- Craig Little, Treasurer, Allan Myers

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