Cooperative Energy Installs GTreasury Solution to Track All Debt Financing, Manage Cash Flow, and Deliver Savings to Its Customers

Cooperative Energy


With a lean treasury department, Cooperative Energy selected GTreasury's install solution to assist their organization in automating treasury operations, increase accuracy, and more.

The company’s treasury department was first operating on Excel spreadsheets to manage its daily cash position, and they hoped that human error would not come into play with deleting a formula or incorrectly keying something in. Knowing they needed to automate, Cooperative Energy's next step to automation was an upgrade of its ERP system, however the treasury management module still was not sufficient for the operations of the organization. It was at that time that Cooperative Energy looked into TMS vendors and selected GTreasury based on its functionality, flexibility, and install platform.

GTreasury's automated TMS is an indispensable tool for Cooperative Energy, as it allow them to make a difference by providing clear and accurate financial information and efficient financial operations.

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  • Evolving from Excel spreadsheets to a dedicated Treasury Management System (TMS)
  • Using GTreasury to increase accuracy, provide timely reporting, and improve Customer Service
  • Why Cooperative Energy selected an in-house infrastructure for GTreasury

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