Automating Cash Management At The State Of Alaska

State of Alaska

Hard working treasury professionals may possibly feel a touch of envy when contemplating the concept of cash and treasury management operations in Alaska. Certainly the 49th US state's treasury department, based in the city of Juneau, enjoys one of the most beautiful business environments imaginable.



  • 98% of cash flows are successfully assigned to the correct GL account automatically.
  • Processing 400 to 500 cash movements per day.
  • Standardization of its cash management processes and procedures, resulting in automation benefits and cash management control gains.

"GTreasury’s people really deserve very high marks for having provided, sustained and excellent service quality. So often in this kind of technology implementation, the vendor’s team falls short in delivering effective and knowledgeable training and support to their company’s new client. In our case, this was definitely not so."

Michelle Prebula Cash Manager, State of Alaska

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