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The IBOR Transition: What You Need to Know

Original Broadcast: May 18th, 2022


Interbank Offered Rates (IBORs) underpin over US$350T in financial instruments and contracts globally. The transition from IBORs to Alternative Reference Rates (ARRs) will impact corporate organizations across various functions, such as treasury, accounting, and IT. While this transition continues to make headlines and send corporate treasury professionals looking for solutions to navigate this transition, it’s critical that corporations begin to cut through the noise and begin assessing the implications and organizational risks with the aim of reducing their reliance on IBORs. Now is the time to develop a robust plan to mitigate challenges associated with global cash positions, cash forecasting, IR balance sheet exposures and risk management to their organizations.
Watch the playback as Ruth Hardie of Hedge Trackers and GTreasury’s John Clarson help navigate this topic and discuss:

  • What is IBOR Transition
  • Preparing for the transition
  • Company challenges with the transition
  • Steps to prepare for the transition
  • Benefits of an automated solution to reduce ris


Featured Speakers:

Ruth Hardie

Sr. Director Client Services


John Clarson

Director Quantitative Services


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