2020 TRMS Analyst Report 

A must-read for corporate treasury professionals

With the right treasury and risk management system (TRMS), your team can streamline workflows, eliminate manual tasks, enhance cash visibility and control, and manage investment risk more efficiently. The 2020 Treasury and Risk Management Systems Analyst Report provides valuable insights for choosing the right TRMS for your business.

Topics covered: 

  • The varied ways in which TRMS solutions address the day-to-day pain points and inefficiencies of treasury departments.
  • Emerging uses of AI/ML (artificial intelligence and machine learning), RPA (robotic process automation), and API (application programming interface) technologies in treasury.
  • The place a TMS/TRMS has in business continuity planning and preparing for disruption and volatility.
  • Best practices and proper mindsets for avoiding pitfalls in selecting the right system for your organization.
  • Making a business case for and implementing treasury technology.