Original Broadcast: December 9, 2020

Watch now to learn how our 2020 enhancements give you the power to drive excellence in 2021

What a year 2020 has been! For treasury professionals, the changes have been enormous, whether it's been adjusting to a remote workforce with a myriad of challenges or the increased emphasis on managing cash and liquidity in a volatile financial environment.

GTreasury has spent 2020 improving the platform in a number of ways to help you meet these challenges and give your treasury team the tools to become even more valuable to your organization as we (hopefully) move out of the pandemic in 2021 and into a period of growth and greater innovation worldwide. 

In this webinar, five GTreasury product experts discuss how our 2020 innovations can benefit GTreasury clients in 2021 including: 

  • Our enhanced cash forecasting functionality including AI-powered SmartPredictions that allows you to deliver faster, more accurate cash forecasts to drive better business decisions.  
  • Updated risk management capabilities including automated hedge accounting, deal versioning and renegotiation scenarios, and risk analytics dashboards to help you better meet your organization's investment and risk strategies.
  • The evolution of the GTreasury ecosystem and Banking-as-a-Service with a focus on seamless integration with key financial services providers that allows your treasury team to do more from right within your GTreasury application. 
  • The GTreasury benchmark rate reform roadmap with a discussion of the key differentiators between LIBOR and risk-free reference rates (RFRs) and a checklist to help you prepare for LIBOR rate reform. 

Featured Presenters: 

Ashley Pater2.png Ashley Pater
Chief Product Officer

Jo Stevens.png Jo Stevens
Senior Product Owner

Hamish Wells
Pre-Sales Consultant

Roger Comins.png Roger Comins
Director of Product Management

Shreyashi Bhaduri.png
Shreyashi Bhaduri
Product Owner