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On-Demand Webinar

The Impact of Rising Interest Rates:
Managing Exposures and Scenario Planning

Original Broadcast: June 9th

Watch the playback and learn what decisions companies will need to make in light of rising interest rates that will affect financial reporting, key performance metrics and how treasurers can navigate the impact by managing exposures and scenario planning. Ruth Hardie of Hedge Trackers and GTreasury’s Evan Mahoney outline:

  • How rising interest rates impact your organization
  • Developing interest rate risk management strategy
  • Steps Treasurers and companies should take to prepare
  • Benefits of an automated solution and how it can reduce risk
  • 7 steps to setting up an automated hedge program

Featured Speakers:

Ruth Hardie

Sr. Director Client Services


Evan Mahoney

Senior Product Manager


Watch The Playback


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