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New Webinar

The Economics of Hedging:
Thinking Outside the Box

August 18: 2 PM EST, 1 PM CST, 11 AM PST  

Is accounting driving your economic decisions? As companies try to navigate today’s volatility and economic shifts, CFOs, Treasurers and Risk Management professionals often try to overcome these new obstacles using old approaches. It’s not uncommon for the CFO office to use a hedge strategy that aligns with their accounting guidelines – but limits them from making sound economic decisions.
In this webinar, Helen Kane, founder of Hedge Trackers, a GTreasury Company, Sandra Koch, Hedge Trackers’ Director of Client Services, along with Pamela Sullivan, Vice President, Treasurer of Virtusa, will talk about why that is – and how to adapt risk management strategies in this new world environment.


You will learn: 

  • How to look at the economics first
  • Hedge strategies within and outside special hedge accounting
  • Benefits of an automated hedging solution and how it can reduce risk

Register today to hear new perspectives and overcome today’s volatile markets and economic shifts by thinking outside of the box.


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Hellen Kane


Sandra Koch


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