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Take Your FX & IR Risk Management Program to The Next Level  

Original Broadcast: Oct 27, 2022


Don’t put your company at risk by taking a “set and forget” approach to your hedge program. If you want to protect your organization from foreign currency or interest rate risk – fluctuations in exchange or interest rates that could negatively impact your bottom line – you need to think optimization!  Whether you have a hedge program already in place or are new to FX or IR hedging and want to start on the right foot, plan to attend our upcoming event hosted on LinkedIn. 


In our latest webinar GTreasury’s Annette Engel, Manager, Risk Advisory, and Juan Arreola, Sr. Manager, Risk Advisory, will help you answer 5 key questions about your FX or IR risk management program:  

  1. Do you need to redefine your program’s objectives? 
  2. Is your exposure collection process complete and accurate? 
  3. Do your hedge strategies meet your objectives? 
  4. Are automation systems being used to full potential, especially for hedge execution, accounting, and documentation processes?  
  5. Are your KPIs and results discussions at all levels sufficient? 

Don't miss out, find out what FX and IR considerations for all these questions so you can optimize your risk management program.

Featured Speaker:

Juan Arreola

HedgeTrackers a GTreasury Company

Sr. Manager Risk Advisor

Annette Engel

HedgeTrackers a GTreasury Company

Manager, Risk Advisory


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