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Original Air Date: Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Chart your course now to successfully transition to new RFRs by the end of 2021

Time is getting short to adequately address all the ramifications of the discontinuation of LIBOR – now just 15 months away. No matter whether you are currently using spreadsheets or a treasury risk management system to track and manage your portfolio, it’s time to take specific steps to ensure a seamless transition to new risk-free reference rates (RFRs).

In this webinar, GTreasury Product Manager, Shreyashi Bhaduri, and Chief Product Officer, Ashley Pater, outline the steps you need to start taking now, detail all the areas you will need to consider, and explain the ways a treasury risk management system can simplify your journey through this period of benchmark rate reform.

Featured Speakers: 

Shreyashi Headshot.jpg Shreyashi Bhaduri
Product Owner

Ashley Pater
Chief Product Officer