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Bringing Structure to Intercompany Payments:
An Adecco Group Success Story

Original Broadcast Date October 13th, 2022


Every multinational company deals with intercompany transactions – and the challenges that these transactions bring when managing payments in multiple currencies. In many organizations, entities handle their own AR and AP between the other entities and convert them to base currency to make intercompany payments, resulting in having to pay multiple transaction fees. High costs, non-matched FX, and complex payment procedures follow – just to name a few challenges.
Simply put, it’s an accounting and auditing nightmare.
What is intercompany netting, and how can it help multinationals overcome these challenges and see ROI?
In this webinar, Daniel Cugni, managing director of Coprocess, a GTreasury company, walks through the challenges of settlements without netting and how the process can be improved with Coprocess Netting – following a real-world example with Adecco Group.
We covered:

  • An overview of Adecco Group’s situation, including the number of countries, average number of invoices, how netting is run, monthly savings, and more.
  • How Coprocess Netting interfaces with ERP and TMS via API.
  • The benefits of using Coprocess Netting for Adecco Group – that you can also receive.
    Gain access and see the value of netting and build a business case with a savings analysis.

Featured Speaker:

Daniel Cugni

Managing Director of CoProcess

Andrea Ferkov

Adecco Group

Analyst of Treasury Ops


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