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IR Risk Management:
Best Practices for Keeping Your Board Informed

Original Broadcast: November 30, 2022 

Interest rate risk management programs are complex, especially when it comes to keeping your Board informed. What do they really need to know, and how do you explain your current positions and quarterly changes? Get the answers to these questions and more by planning to attend our upcoming event hosted on LinkedIn.


In our latest LinkedIn event:


GTreasury’s Ruth Hardie will help you confidently prepare for your next Board presentation about IR risk management. She will walk through:

  • What your Board needs to know
  • Key controls they are relying on
  • Best practices for presenting your current positions
  • How to explain quarterly changes


Don’t miss out! Request your on-demand access today! 

Featured Speaker:

Ruth Hardie

Senior Director of Client Services


a GTreasury Company


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