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Manage Risk and Exposure Through

Centralized Cash Visibility and Payments

Original Broadcast: November 9, 2022


Many companies today still manage their cash reporting manually in spreadsheets. Although spreadsheets are a valuable tool for any treasurer, the manual nature of spreadsheets and separate cash and payment systems reduces a treasurer’s ability to learn from their cash flow and payments data in real-time. As a result, the value of anything they might learn from this data is severely diminished. However, when companies achieve true, real-time cash visibility, and payment flows, they’re better suited to make the most of the capital they have, no matter the risks they face.


In this webinar, Joe Susienka, Senior Product Manager of Payments and Ecosystem at GTreasury, and Justin Anderson, Vice President of Implementations at GTreasury, took a closer look at how real-time cash flow visibility and payment planning helps companies streamline critical capital investment activities, even in the face of volatility, while also reducing the work required to analyze and act.


You will learn how:

  • An automated treasury solution can reduce risk and exposures
  • Real-time cash flow visibility makes capital planning more agile 
  • Real-time cash flow visibility helps optimize the use of external funding and increase profitability
  • Payment controls can ensure the best use of capital funds to lower FX and IR exposures
  • You can reduce the time needed to transform data to create reports 

Featured Speaker:

Joe Susienka

Senior Product Manager of Payments and Ecosystem

Justin Anderson

Vice President of


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