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Hedging Your Bets: Risk Management in Volatile Markets

Original Broadcast: July 14th, 2022


With the recent announcement of interest rates going up three quarters of a percentage, and other driving forces causing volatility across the financial markets, you may be examining additional ways to stabilize your operations during these uncertain times. 
In this webinar we featured Helen Kane, founder of Hedge Trackers a GTreasury Company recognized expert in hedge programs and risk management. Helen talks about the current issues corporations and financial institutions are facing this year including:

  • SOFR Transition 
  • Inflationary Pressures & the Interest Rate Environment
  • GEO-Political Uncertainty
  • Hiring & Retaining Talent Challenges


Helen discuss not only how to prepare for these challenges to minimize risk to your organization, but how it can give you a strategic advantage. This includes reviewing different scenarios to determine your current level of risk, understanding how a hedging program will help you manage risk, and looking at the benefits of implementing an automated hedging solution.


Access the play back and hear Helen share her expertise in helping companies navigate through times of uncertainty.

Featured Speaker:

Hellen Kane


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