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2021 Treasury Technology Analyst Report
A digital treasury technology evolution is a big undertaking. With so many types of solutions to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. We recommend you start with this report – The 2021 Treasury Technology Analyst report. It will help you understand the benefits and selection criteria to consider for three types of valuable treasury technology solutions: Treasury and Risk Management Systems (TRMS); Treasury Aggregation Solutions; and Supply Chain Finance and Cash Conversion.
Topics covered in this 60-page report include:

  • The shift to emerging technologies
  • The value of API connectivity
  • The power and value of a networked technology ecosystem
  • Principles of treasury technology selection and implementation
  • Definitions, Challenges/Solutions, Selection Criteria, and the Future of each of the three types of technology.

Request your copy to learn more about these technologies and evaluate how GTreasury stacks up among treasury and risk management platforms.
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