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2021 Cash Forecasting & Visibility Survey 

Webinar Playback

Original Airdate: October 26, 2021

The 2021 Cash Forecasting & Visibility Survey, produced by Strategic Treasurer in conjunction with GTreasury sought to understand the current views of treasury professionals, along with expectations and plans to better manage cash and liquidity in the future. Topics covered include bank account activity, cash reporting and positioning, forecasting, and technology.  
In this webinar playback, Roger Comins, GTreasury V.P. Product, and Strategic Treasurer’s Craig Jeffery discuss the survey findings and implications for treasurers. You’ll learn what other treasury teams are experiencing and how they are handling the challenges of cash forecasting and cash visibility. 


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The discussion includes:

  • What your peers’ current practices are surrounding cash forecasting and visibility.
  • What kinds of technology they are using now.
  • What new systems or tools they are planning to invest in soon. 
  • How your technology tools and forecasting processes compare. 
  • Best practices to help you plan next steps in your treasury technology transformation.

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